May 26th, 2024

Minimalist May - Day 26


Oh, how I love weekends. Even better, I love weekends that are followed with another seven days off afterwards. I had a lovely, relaxing day at home.

Things are about to change for my online presence.
Things are about to change for my online presence.


Breakfast — Two crumpets with low-fat spread.
Lunch — This might sound weird, but I had a tin of baked beans. I wasn’t that hungry.
Tea — I tried something new in the evening. BBQ beef skewers with pitta bread and salad. It was a great choice because the skewers were wonderful. 

I had the urge for something sweet today. Of course, I managed to avoid the temptation. 


Nothing spent today. I started reading a book called What They Don’t Teach You About Money by Claer Barrett. There is a quote I liked that reminded me of why avoiding the shops in the best deal I can have right now. 

“If you don’t buy it, you get 100 per cent off!”


I always thought the act of being at home would make me vulnerable to drinking excessive amounts of tea and coffee. I was so wrong. The trigger is clearly something at work. I don’t get any urges when I am home, so today was easy to avoid any caffeine. 


As I had no morning commitments other than taking my son to basketball training, I thought I would complete my cardio in the morning. I managed a 10K cross-training session, followed by weights, plank and 15 press-ups. I repeated the plank and press-ups in the evening, too. 


I almost forgot to post a blog last night. I was comfy and settled in bed when I realised I hadn’t hit publish on my post. I have set an alarm to remind me today.

Side note: I wrote to other blog posts today. I have decided to quit and Twitter. 

Here are the posts if you are interested in reading them.