May 26th, 2024

I got shadow banned on Twitter!

Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash
Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash

For reasons unknown, I got shadow banned from the bird site that has a confused personality. It is Twitter or X? No-one can truly stick to one or the other.

I have recently noticed engagement has dwindled and interactions can be counted on my hand.

I checked several websites that see if your account is shadowbanned. Guess what? Mine certainly is. This will probably explain a lot.

Oh, what do I see here? Not my tweets for a start.
Oh, what do I see here? Not my tweets for a start.

It’s most likely come at a good time because I am getting fed up with the social media platform. How many bots can one account attract! If it isn’t random likes, I get follows and seedy messages sent to me. No, thanks.

Yep. This banned.
Yep. This banned.

There’s also the big issue of increased advertising clogging up the feed. If I wanted to a tacky platform, I would open up a Facebook account.

The action plan is already in motion. I have locked my account down, signed out of all of my web browsers, and I plan not to comment, like, post or access the platform for the foreseeable future. This includes to my blog posts. I quit Twitter! 

Elon Musk has ruined the platform. It wasn’t perfect before, but now Twitter is a shadow of its former self.

Thank you to those who I have made a connection with me on Twitter. I can still be contacted on the links below.

This is me signing out of the so-called free speech platform, Twitter (never X).

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