May 28th, 2024

Minimalist May - Day 28


Today was a successful day. I am grateful for the little triumphs I am experiencing at the moment. A few months ago, things weren’t going too well in all areas of my life. Life is better now.

I have no idea why but we have mallards that seem attracted our garden. They appear each morning and evening. I'm not complaining as we do not have any pets. It's nice to have them around.

The trio of mallards come to my kitchen double doors every day.
The trio of mallards come to my kitchen double doors every day.


Breakfast — Porridge pot.
Lunch — Two slices of brown toast with low-fat spread. 
Tea — Tomato parcels with rice and broccoli. 


I bought a wedding anniversary card and a fiction book for my wife in the afternoon. Tomorrow is our 14th year of marriage. The time has gone by so quickly. We haven’t agreed what we will do tomorrow, but I can imagine we will be going out in the evening for a meal. 

I had another financial success this morning. I went to the opticians for my son’s routine eye test, and he picked a new pair of glasses. Under the NHS scheme, my son got his new glasses for free. 

Moreover, I found out I can have my second pair of glasses tinted for £25, so I don’t have to pay £300+ for prescription sunglasses. The savings from this will go straight into my savings account. 


I had no urges or the need to have any caffeine. No warm water was consumed either. Although the range is limited, there’s more decaf options out there than I once imagined. 


I’ve upped my exercise routine recently and my body is sore, especially for my biceps and calfs. With that said, I pushed myself to get the plank, press-ups and weights completed in the morning.

I took my wife’s car to the car garage to get tyres fitted under the servicing agreement. That meant I had an hour to enjoy walking around the area to get my steps in. My calfs felt tense throughout the walk. 


I had a later evening and went to bed at 10:50PM because I wanted to catch up with some incomplete tasks. I felt like I slept better knowing I didn’t have to stress about the open loops being untouched.

Side note: I’ve got back into my reading because it appears to distract me from the hunger and I avoid looking online, which can be occasionally costly if I see something I like.

My post is part of #WeblogPoMo2024. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post.

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