May 19th, 2024

Minimalist May - Day 19


I’m loving the sun at the moment. Waking up to beautiful blue skies is a big deal when you live a frequently grey Britain. The fact I could spend it at home is another bonus.

I spent a good hour learning some skills in Procreate that I had previously forgotten about. I'm working on a project to draw a picture of my son from a few years ago. I think it will look great once I have finished the picture.

Drawing in Procreate for iPadOS.
Drawing in Procreate for iPadOS.


Breakfast - Porridge pot
Lunch - Half a pepperoni pizza (my wife had the other half) and three onion rings with Peri Peri sauce as a dip.
Tea - Chicken korma, rice, and naan bread as requested from my son after his weekend away. 


I avoided spending anything until the evening when I had to buy some antiseptic cream for my son’s badly grazed knee. My recent first aider course came in useful. 😁


I had no caffeinated drink today. However, I was able to enjoy another sachet of decaf I had acquired (I found it in my workbag by chance). I sat down to a book and sip my decaf coffee in the garden while reading a book. Chilled times indeed. 


I got in the weights, plank and press-ups. I didn’t have enough time to get the cardio in. Tomorrow, I will make sure I complete a 10K cross-training session. I managed 7000+ steps, so I guess I some points towards my movement goal. 


Yesterday, I went to bed at 10:00PM only to realise I hadn’t published my blog post. I was able to get it uploaded within five minutes and head back to bed.

My son was still away on his Scouts trip, so I had no-one to wake me up in the morning. I woke up at 7:30AM and admired the sun beaming through my bedroom blinds. 

My post is part of #WeblogPoMo2024. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post.

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